RACOM is involved in the development and production of equipment for wireless data transfer. Our three main product lines are Radio modems, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers and Microwave links. RACOM is a modern company with its own technological center for SMT and hybrid assembly, a subsidiary company, RACOM SLOVAKIA, and an extensive network of international partners, who ensure that we continue to export the majority of our products.

RACOM’s foundations were laid in 1989, shortly before the fall of communism in the former Czechoslovakia. The company started out producing equipment for radio amateurs in a small workshop. With developing expertise and ongoing R&D we soon outgrew this market, in 1990 moved into the wireless data transmission market, and began manufacturing radio modems. In 2005 we responded to the significant development of GSM networking and entered this market with a new product line for GSM data transfer. Another landmark year for RACOM was 2009; we entered the growing but very competitive microwave links market.

Products categories:

  • Radio modems
    • Licensed frequency (guaranteed quality of service)
    • Own private network (constantly under the user’s control)
    • Single user (guaranteed capacity and behavior)
    • No hidden fees
    • Suitable for mission critical applications, ideal for frequent transmission of short messages
  • Cellular routers
    • Existing infrastructure
    • Low investment cost
    • Public networks (quality of service not guaranteed)
    • Suitable for non-mission critical applications, infrequent transmission of longer messages
  • Microwave links
    • Point-to-point IP bridge
    • Wireless (simple installation)
    • Alternative of fiber and copper lines
    • Private (constantly under the user’s control)
    • Suitable for backbones and high speed last-mile connections